The Role and Efficiency of Social Media Marketing



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Social media is becoming more and more efficient for people, businesses and marketers. It has become one of the most important aspects in marketing practices. Social media marketing helps marketers to gain attention and website traffic in order to build engagement with individuals by creating a buzz, tweets, blogs and videos that can provide benefits to the community at large. It also enables brands to deliver their essential messages to their target audience.

Using social media has impacted marketing in many ways; social media is very easy to use, it is less expensive in comparison to mass media and the number of people using social media has grown and reached critical mass. Marketers used to reach out to their customers through traditional marketing techniques such as radio, print, and TV. With social media becoming more and more popular amongst our community, it has influenced retailers to change how they communicate to their customers by now using social media to develop their businesses. The use of social media has made the need for skill advancement paramount for continued success.


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There are five main skills marketers need to have in order to achieve great attainment in social media marketing.

  • Content creation and Story telling

Having great content constantly is very important for marketers in being able to provide varying stories, messages and values to individuals, so there is regular interest in seeking of more information on the subject. It can drive people to be more active in looking for the information and eventually create brand loyalty, brand awareness and create a profitable action.

  • Data-driven marketing

The use of data-driven marketing strategy is very important in order to have and to be able to use customer information. The modern data-driven has invented the customer relationship management software. This software allows marketers to track customer personal information and it targets the right customers and the campaigns are shown to the right customers only and it also provides creative and relevant messages to the target market (Lennon, 2017).


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SEO/SEM can help increase the visibility of websites and web pages. It uses keywords and other tools to increase brand awareness and grasp the attention from people (Career Profiles, 2016). According to the online resource, it has been observed that SEO/SEM are one of the most wanted jobs in marketing. This skill is in the eight spot from 25 skills which is in high demand of hard skills in 2018 (Tay, 2018).

  • Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most efficient strategies nowadays in this digital era. It can draw people’s attention, increase people’s desire of brands or products, it is interactive and has a clear message to be delivered to people which can increase awareness, loyalty etc (Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising, 2018).

  • Creativity

Being creative is essential in marketing practices. Creativity leads to new innovations, ideas, and thoughts that can help to grow the businesses constantly, to develop new marketing campaigns that can grab people’s attention, to develop new products and innovative advertising. Marketers and consumers can develop and increase their engagement which can in turn increase loyalty (Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising, 2018).


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